A Complete Overview of Keratin Treatments for Hair Growth

A Complete Overview of Keratin Treatments for Hair Growth

A Complete Overview of Keratin Treatments for Hair Growth

Alot of us have heard the hype on Keratin treatments, but what is the hype really about?

Keratin is basically a type of protein which makes up our skin, hair and nails. Keratin is also found in our glands and internal organs. Keratin is also known as a protective protein because it is less prone to tearing as compared to other types of our body cells.

We can derive keratin from many sources such as the horns, feathers and the wools of different animals. Keratin is used in hair cosmetics. As keratin is the building block of our hair, many people think that keratin products, supplements and treatments are helpful for healthy hair growth.

Benefits and results

If we talk about keratin treatment benefits, many people who have used it for hair report that their hair is healthier and easier to tackle after the treatment. The keratin treatment results are not same for everyone because results depend on many factors such as what is the health of your hair before the treatment, what is the natural thickness of your hair and which type of keratin treatment you are going to use.

How does Keratin work?

The principle of keratin treatment is that it smooths down the cells overlapping in order to form hair strands. Hair cuticles are the layers of cells which absorb the keratin and as a result, your hair looks shiny and healthy.  Keratin treatment also removes frizz from your hair and makes them straight and smooth to manage.

Different types of keratin treatments are mentioned below.

Salon keratin treatments

Salon keratin treatment also known as Brazilian keratin treatment involves many steps. In the first step, a cream that is rich is formaldehyde is applied to the hair before blow drying and straightening your hair in the salon. Once the treatment is done, you have to keep your hair dry for some days. After some days, when you visit the salon, another step is performed. In this step, a treatment is applied to maintain the straightening effect.

Keratin serums, shampoos, and conditioners

Keratin products such as shampoos, serums and conditioners are also used for the keratin treatment. But they are not as effective as a keratin treatment in a salon. Still, they benefit your hair in different ways such as they make your hair strong and damage resistant. They also repair your hair damaged due to heat or hair dye. If you want to identify keratin products, then simply look for these words “keratin hydrolysates” in the list of ingredients. According to the researchers, keratin is a useful ingredient for strong and healthy hair.

Keratin supplements

Supplements for healthy and stronger hair are almost in a trend for many years. You can also find keratin supplements at a nearby health food store. Keratin supplements are available in the forms of powder and capsules. Keratin supplements can benefit your hair in many ways but still, using them is not risk-free at all. Excessive use of Keratin supplements can cause an excess of protein in your body and it will lead to many health issues.

Cost of keratin treatments

The cost of keratin treatments is relative because it depends on many factors such as the area in which the salon is located, which brand’s products are used and how much expensive your salon is. So, you can find that some salons are offering keratin treatments at $800 and some are offering even for $300.

You can also try keratin treatment at home by using home keratin treatment kits and these kits are easily available in some beauty supply stores and pharmacies. You may face some difficulty in trying these treatments at home if you are not a hair expert or have even never seen the treatment performed by an expert. But if you are okay with it, then these at-home treatment kits will cost you less than $50.

Is Keratin treatment good for hair growth?

Many companies and brands promote keratin treatment as a healthy and non-damaging treatment for many health issues such as hair growth, shine and frizz etc. But many experts warn us about the damages of keratin treatment. In keratin treatment, formaldehyde is used which is linked to cancer. High temperature such as 450 degrees Fahrenheit is used in the treatment which damages the basic structure of hair and can cause hair loss. If you are experiencing hair thinning or hair loss after keratin treatment, then cut your hair short and avoid keratin treatment for a long period of time.

Possible risks and side effects

Salon keratin treatments are rich in formaldehyde. Some salon employees have reported respiratory issues and even nosebleeds as a result of handling keratin treatment products and inhaling the product fumes. For these reasons, the keratin treatment is not recommended for pregnant women. If you already have respiratory issues or you are sensitive to formaldehyde, then avoid keratin treatment.

Another important aspect to remember is that keratin treatment is not for everyone. If you are considering keratin treatment just because your sister had an amazing experience with it, then think again. According to hair experts, it works best for the people who have frizzy and curly hair. If you have fine or straight hair, then don’t go for this treatment at all.


Like any other treatments and products out there, Keratin also comes with benefits and side effects as well. When keratin is applied on your hair cuticle and it is sealed with heat, your hair gets a glossy look. But before going for this treatment, make sure that you understand the whole process and the chemicals involved in the treatment. Some people may feel the need to get treatment again and again after having treatment once in order to hide the damage caused due to exposure to heat.

Employees at salons also get exposed to high levels of chemicals which can cause troubles with the passage of time. If you are thinking to get a keratin treatment, we would like to recommend trying a hair product that contains keratin basically a keratin product to see if keratin treatment is feasible for you to achieve your hair goals or trying something more natural like super hair & skin nutrients

Have you tried any keratin treatment before? Share your experience with us in the comments section.

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