Clean Beauty is the New Standard

Clean Beauty is the New Standard
BXMB Beauty products are non-toxic and clean🐰. Our products are formulated naturally with potent non-comedogenic ingredients to fight breakouts and blemishes.
 Companies tend to confuse consumers with back labelling. The label at the back of the bottle usually is super long and in a tiny font. Taking a look at the ingredients that your favorite skincare products contain is a great habit to develop. There are five ingredients to avoid:

Fragrances ☠️

When an ingredient label says “synthetic fragrance” or “perfume,” that is the brands way unwanting to disclose information and rater mask hundreds of chemicls . This makes it hard to discern what’s hazardous and what’s not. Big doses of fragrances tend to harm the way skin looks and feels. Dry skin can be more susceptible to fragrances. Fragrances can also lead to many skin conditions, one being dermatitis, which is a condition that causes inflamed skin. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, fragrances are considered the leading cause of allergic reactions on the skin. 

Parabens ☠️

Not always labelled, used as preservatives, and may contribute to hormone imbalance. Usually found almost everywhere, including skin care products such as moisturizers and deodorants. A 2004 research paper appeared to find traces of parabens in breast cancer tissue samples. Parabens are a chemical group that is used to prolong product shelf life. Moisturizers, shampoos, and serums to creams, lotions, and toothpaste – a lot of cosmetic products have parabens. Research shows that parabens can easily pass through the skin and into the body and stay in the body tissues and fluids. Most commonly used parabens include: 
    • Butylparaben
    • Isobutylparaben
    • Propylparaben
    • Methylparaben
    • Ethylparaben

Formaldehyde ☠️

Commonly hidden in ingredients under Bronopol, DMDM hydantoin, Diazolidinyl urea, imidazolidinyl urea, and quaternium-15 are cosmetic preservatives that slowly form formaldehyde,” says Shrestha. Despite decades of research that classifies formaldehyde as a known carcinogen, it’s still a fairly common ingredient in hair straightening products, nail polish, eyelash glue, and an array of other cosmetics. In other words, steer clear if you can. According to the International Agency for Research on Cancer, formaldehyde is considered a human carcinogen.

 Phthalates ☠️

Phthalates that can be found in plastic are also in skincare products. These chemicals are known t be endocrine disruptors. This means that in our bodies, they may interfere with the normal actions of our hormones. Massive doses of phthalates are also linked with obesity in children and may trigger asthma, allergies or other autoimmune disorders. 

Alcohol ☠️

Alcohol in skincare products should be a big fat NO. Alcohol may damage the skin's natural barrier, making it hard for your skin to retain moisture. Overtime alcohol can enlarge the pores and increase oil production, so it is best to avoid products that contain high levels of alcohol if the skin is acne-prone. 
Clean beauty is the new standard, and all the products carried by BXMB Beauty meet this expectation. You amaze us & impress us with your energy, passion and awareness of your daily beauty products. So we developed our line of equally amazing supportive supplements and clean beauty products with you in mind; to help you glow even more. Because beauty on the inside and the out go hand in hand. 
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