Pure Jojoba Oil For Hair Growth

Pure Jojoba Oil For Hair Growth

So before we tell you of Jojoba Oil ( pronounced as “Hahoba” oil), it is important that you to know what it is? Jojoba oil is produced in the seed of the Jojoba plant (Simmondsia Chinensis). It is a shrub, which is mostly found in southern Arizona, southern California, and northwestern Mexico and one of our key ingredients in our #BOMBSHELL hair products!

Jojoba seed consists of almost 50% of jojoba oil inside it. In ancient times, jojoba oil was used to treat sores and infections by the native Americans. It was this time during which people came to know of the numerous benefits of jojoba oil and started to domesticate it.

Unrefined jojoba oil looks like a clear golden liquid at room temperature and displays a slightly nutty odor. The refined jojoba oil is both colorless and odorless.

In 1971 there was a ban on the importing of whale oil to the U.S. and that was the point which lead to the discovery that jojoba oil in many ways is much better than the sperm whale oil, its applications in the cosmetics and various other industries.

Jojoba oil is also found to be an additive in many cosmetic products, especially those that are made from natural ingredients. Products that commonly contain jojoba oil are lotions and moisturizers, hair shampoos and conditioners. Pure jojoba oil itself can be used on skin, hair, or the cuticles surrounding your nails since it provide a burst of moisture.

Benefits Of Jojoba Oil For Hair:

There are numerous benefits of jojoba oil for the hair. Since jojoba oil is packed with moisturizing properties, it not only promotes good hair growth but also gives you smooth, shiny and silky hair. Because of its remarkable moisturizing abilities, it is used by many people for the health of their hair throughout their entire lives.

Jojoba oil Aids In Hair Moisturization:

If you have dry, damaged and brittle hair that is prone to breakage and dullness, then the jojoba oil is a miracle saver. Many people in this world use jojoba oil for its moisturizing properties for the hair. Jojoba oil is a holy grail for the hair moisture, so next time something goes wrong with your hair, know that jojoba oil is a shelf away for the rescue.

Jojoba Oil for Dandruff Control:

Since jojoba oil gives you that intense moisture then it is very obvious that all your dry hair problems or scalp problems are going to be solved. A moisturized scalp means no scaling or itching, so it is evident that there will be no dandruff in the hair.

Promotes thick and strong Hair:

Now if your hair is moisturized because of the moisturizing abilities of jojoba then the overall condition of your scalp will be good. If the overall health of the scalp is good then there will be the promotion of lustrous, thick, long and shiny hair. Adequately moisturized and nutritioned hairs mean thick and strong hair in the end

Promotes Good Hair Follicles:

Healthy hair follicles are very important for the overall health and growth of the hair. Dirt or imbalanced pH in the hair follicles will lead to weak or damaged hair which is why the health of hair follicle is essential.

Consider for an instance, if the hair follicle is well moisturized and well nourished then the hair will smoothly come out of it which means that there will be much faster hair growth.

After Shower:

Applying jojoba oil on your hair in small amounts, especially on the ends of the hair, after taking a shower on damp hair will give you moisturized hair when they are dried. You will love the look and feel of your hair and there will be fewer chances of breakage and split ends in your hair.

How To Use Jojoba Oil:

Apply it directly:

Warm up this oil beforehand to make it much easier to handle and apply. You can do this by putting a clean pot on a stove or in a microwave safe bowl, take about 1 tbsp. of jojoba oil for short hair and 2 tbsp. for much longer hair.  Apply this oil to the hair above the scalp, and slowly work it down evenly to the tips of the hair.

Leave it in for about one hour, and shampoo your hair afterward, you can also condition it.

Add to products:

You can also add around 3 to 5 drops of jojoba oil, to a dollop of your favorite shampoo or conditioner before using it.

Purchase products that contain Jojoba oil:

You can also buy a shampoo or a conditioner that include the jojoba oil as one of its natural ingredients. It is one of the very easy ways to get this oil and also use it.

What Else Is Jojoba Oil Good For?

In addition to its countless benefits to the hair, jojoba oil is extremely beneficial for the skin. It promotes a hydrated skin and removes the signs of aging. Jojoba oil is also an antioxidant, antifungal, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory oil which means that it can be used in many conditions related to the body.

You can also remove your makeup with this oil.

Sunburns can also be treated with the help of jojoba oil. It is also an excellent option to treat your acne.

Where To Buy Jojoba Oil:

Jojoba oil can easily be bought over the counter or in many superstores easily and conveniently.

You can also order this oil online. Many cosmetic companies are selling this oil as well.

Is jojoba oil completely safe to use?

Many people and individuals are asking this question. The answer to this question lies in studies that proved the safe use of this oil.

The official 1992 scientific safety review showed there is absolutely nothing to worry about when using jojoba oil.

Though this study was completed about twenty years ago, information on the product safety changed a little.


It is safe to conclude that Jojoba oil is a miracle oil for hair health, growth and it is completely safe. We highly recommend it for the health of your hair. If you want stronger, shinier and free from dandruff hair Jojoba Oil is the answer.

We hope that you found our article on jojoba oil full of information. Let us know if you have any queries. We would be happy to help. Until next time, off we go.


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