About Us



BXMB Beauty is one of the fastest growing natural beauty brands that focuses on wellness as well as beauty. While we make a range of different products our focus is skin, hair care and supplements powered by natural nutrients.

Our company slogan is Beauty + Wellness redefined. All of our products encompass the symbiotic relationship between what we consume and our overall wellness. That is why we chose naturally based wholesome ingredients and sustainable packaging. Beauty products should be good for you and good for the planet period.

Founded by Carlita Nair - After suffering from hair loss and damaged skin in my early 20s and trying over one hundred different products to no avail; I decided to make our own. I was tired and completely frightened by the amount of toxic chemicals in my products. As a former personal trainer I had somewhat of an idea of the effects that food, supplements, ingredients, and chemicals have on the body. I dug deeper and that's when the self learning began, beginning with personal care ingredients.  From that day on we started the process of countless months of research into hair loss, hair growth, skin health and how to balance beauty and wellness.


In addition to our BXMB Rescue Hair Oil and adding the Super Nutrient supplements, skin care was naturally the next step of development to Bombshell (now known as BXMB). We wanted to stick with clean beauty that aided in anti aging, as well as, anti blemish. We created our brightening complex with 98% natural organic ingredients the perfect addition to any skin care routine. 

What we discovered was nothing short of amazing. From simple natural ingredients like Coconut oil, vitamin A and Jojoba oil to the power of a single supplement we now call Super Hair & Skin Nutrients.

From all the research and testing we found the products that worked, and then made our own to be most effective and as affordable as possible. Our product line is truly inspired by you, and your unique needs in a product.

Our headquarters is based in Canada, we ship globally out of our FDA approved lab in the USA.

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The fastest way to contact us and get help is by using the "Contact Us" link in the navigation menu. We will do our best to get back to you within one business day or at BXMBBEAUTY@gmail.com